CTB Show 414: The C in Casey Stands for CPAP

On this week’s show, Pool Season begins and the pretty much racist history of Baltimore’s pools is discussed. Then, some hot birthday chat, Hot HONFest Takes™, More Mosby Malarky and on the pop culture roundup Shredder’s Revenge and The Boys Season 3. Wow! JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! https://discord.gg/ntcQjmWJZW

CTB Show 413: Token Terrors Time

John de Campos and Lucas Gerace from Terrible Games (www.tokenterrors.com, check out their big fat even at No Land Beyond on June 18th!) to discuss their longly long long developed board game Token Terrors! The ins and outs of board game development, almost being on Shark Tank and the possibilities of licensing are discussed. There’s […]