CTB Show 347: Sloppy Wet Bread Thing

The Show is joined by John Houser and Jeni Paik of the Rouxde Cooking School Podcast! Old school diners are the top of the show topic, Secret Menus, the Harlan Empire™, Subway’s questionable fish product, and more!! Be sure to check out Jeni’s family restaurant Paik’s Place at 3563 Fairfield Rd. Diner food AND a […]

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: DO THE QUANTUM LEAP SHOW!

It’s a new Ziggy Gets it Wrong! Here are the two very stellar episodes tackled on this installment. Episodes of Quantum Leap are available for free on nbc.com! Maybe Baby: March 11, 1963Season 2, Episode 20 Julie Brown wrote this episode with her husband! Oh Boy! Bunny O’Hare kidnaps a baby in this Raising Arizona […]