CTB Show 352: We Own This City

Friend of the show and excellent journalist Justin Fenton joins the show to discuss his anticipated tome “We Own This City,” which details the often atrocious misdeeds of Baltimore City Police Department’s members of the Gun Trace Task Force. It’s a mayhem filled, sobering and depressing look at what was the state of law enforcement […]

CTB Show 351: The New Orleans of the DMV

Strippers nation wide are protesting restrictions on their FREEDOMS to do business in Baltimore and the Podgang has Opinions™! Also from very big updates on Well It’s Been and the triumphant semi-return of Mobtown Meatsnacks (mobtownmeatsnacks.me)! And hey, shouldn’t we revisit that thing called the Constitution? Maybe make some changes?

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Sam is More Hesitant to Make Love to a Lady Than to Kill a Man

Oh Boy! It’s a new Ziggy Gets it Wrong. This episode we flip the format and focus on one episode as it’s a season finale and those are important! “M.I.A.”: April 1st, 1969 Season 2 Episode 22 A VERY important episode in the Quanty Leaps pantheon! Sam leaps into a cop and does some stuff […]

CTB Show 348: We Used to Live at Night

Baltimore’s Patron Saint of Photography™ Joe Giordano joins the show to discuss his new book “We Used to Live at Night,” a collection of nightlife photos spanning decades of Baltimore City’s nightlife. He also recounts what it was like to be up front and in person for the storming of the Capitol on January 6th, […]