CTB Show 491: Hot Tetris Chat 2024

John Houser III joins the podgang for a pre wedding festivale! St Patricks Baltimore style is complained about, frat suspensions, online gambling, an anime themed taste test and some other food themed topics courtesy of John’s podcast, the Rouxde Cooking School (https://rouxde.blogspot.com/) JOIN OUR DISCORD!!! (https://discord.gg/ntcQjmWJZW)

CTB Show 490: A Carpet of Masticted Cheezits

ON THIS WEEK’S SHOW: A blatant plug for Factor_HOT PLASTIC RECYCLING CHATHOT HOSPITAL CAFETERIA CHAT“What was the first song you liked?”and then, FFVII Rebirth, Aquaman 2 and the 1st season of TNG.AND MORE! HOT! JOIN OUR DISCORD!!! (https://discord.gg/ntcQjmWJZW)THIS EPISODE BROUGHT TO YOU IN PART BY THIS FACTOR_ INVITE LINK SUBSCRIBE NOW GET A FREE BOX: […]

CTB Show 488: The Rods We Met Along the Way

After a break the podgang convenes to discuss the myriad of events that occurred over the past week and change. The Block, Cross Street/Lexington Market are highlighted, Casey is Diseased, and being upper middle class are discussed on the front half. Then a shitload of pop culture chat including a very very fine HOT TUNGSTEN […]