CTB Show 436: Dundalk, a Place for Sex

Oh this week’s show! Kayne comes to town (sort of), the city apparently has an ethics board, Uber robberies and hey whatever happened to those van based ATM thefts? Plus, some pop culture stew including Don’t Worry Darling, Yellowstone, Kevin Bacon’s wiener and more! JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! https://discord.gg/ntcQjmWJZW

CTB Show 434: You Are Tearing Me Apart Lisa!

The Pod is joined by Adam Rosen, editor of the new peer reviewed collection of essays regarding the cinematic classic The Room, entitled (what else?) “You Are Tearing Me Apart, Lisa! The Year’s Work on The Room, The Worst Movie Ever Made.” If you’re a fan of this absolute pinnacle of garbage movies, this podcast […]