Flaming Lips Winner and CATS

Our Flaming Lips ticket giveaway has finally come to a close, all comments were harvested and sent out into the wilderness to do battle, and only one survived (or they were numeralized and fed into random.org and selected at random, either way). Behold, the sole survivor in the form of a cat eating a marshmallow: […]

It’s the most Nuggety time of the year: Nuggetfest

For the third year our annual (well, the first year was impromptu – so the second year on our dime) Festival of Nuggetry takes place at Bad Decisions (1928 Fleet St, Fells Point) on Thursday, October 10th. $15 for all you can eat Nuggs (while supplies last), freebies will be handed out and the quest […]

Grand Central Commentary Rebuttal Commentary

Grand Central: The DC Bar, located in New-Detroit by Ann Marie and Liz Grand Central experienced some impromptu remodeling on Monday night, when the driver of a stolen car crashed in to its south-side wall. The driver also managed to smash into a truck carrying drums of white paint, splashing it all over the sidewalk […]

The Best of 311

LOOK AT THIS HUGE MESS. Dirty Alley or Street Request at 1400 Belt St, Baltimore Opened 2 days ago via iPhone  Alley behind house always a mess. sr number: 13-00724146 issue: Dirty Alley Closed with no response from 311, mostly because this small pile of leaves could be cleaned up with a small trashbag and three minutes […]