The 3rd Annual Cosby Sweater Bar Crawl!

It is often said that the December holidays are “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but clearly those people have never enjoyed the splendor of one of Baltimore’s newest and most unique traditions: The Cosby Sweater Bar Crawl. Now in its third year, this celebration of loud sweaterage and pudding and Jello products has […]

The Best of 311

Ignore the imitators, this is the OG, very best, best of 311 SLEEPING DRUNK TWOFER! Other Request at 401-499 S Patterson Park Ave Baltimore Closed 3 days ago via Android  drunk homeless vagrants on top of hill 400 block of s patterson park ave. two guys sr number: 13-00822071 status: Closed. Police issues must be called in. […]

Chilibrew VII!

Hard to believe it but the SEVENTH Chilibrew is dropping tomorrow at 2640 Space (2640 St. Paul, Charles Village and word to the wise, get there early. This celebration of all things chili and homebrew fills up fast and doesn’t let up – in a good way – so despite the start time of 7pm […]

Introducing the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra

A few days ago we spoke on the phone with one Kira Levitzky, the music director for the brand spanking new Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra. To put it as plainly as possibly, the BGSO is a menagerie of musicians ranging in experience and age who just wanna crank out some vidya game sounds. Expect the […]

Help fund the running of the pigs, get cool stuff

The annual Pigtown Festival is upon us on October 19th and what would the Pigtown Festival be without the iconic Running of the Pigs (aka “The Squeekness”)? Adorable little sue-WEEthearts trotting along a makeshift racecourse covered in hay, delighting and DAZZLING children of all ages. Or something like that. At any rate with 12 days […]