The “CTB gets a cover photo” non-contest – you could win (probably nothing)!

So as we / you might know by now, Facebook has decided to implement its Timeline feature for Pages, which is great for some, totally useless for others – especially us. One such bellwhistle included in Timeline is the Cover Photo*, a picture that for some reason is supposed to highlight something about something brand […]

Snowify Baltimore and liven up those vacants!

Season’s Greetings Baltimore! Block upon block of city blight got you down? Snowify it! Twitterman @MMMcDermott has already made his and so did we! You should make one too and post it in the comments section of this blog post! It’s super fun and easy to do! Very excited! Exclamation points! Edit: Here’s @dukiebiddle’s!!

Political Correctness Gone Too Far: The Neighbor Who Cried Racist

Andy: I came home the other day to find a letter posted up by the mailboxes in my building. Apparently someone broke in to one of the apartments and stole some stuff. It was all very sad, but what I found almost more disturbing was the way other people in the building treated the poster […]