CTB Show 438: WAP But Acoustic

It’s the very late or very early depending on how often you listen Holiday Podisode! Bryan finally graduates college, bizarre children’s holiday plays, Inner Harbor “Urbex,” and a very lengthy discussion of Tim Burton are some of the highlights. Enjoy! Merry Holidays! JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! https://discord.gg/ntcQjmWJZW

CTB Show 437: A Personal Pan Pigeon

IT’S A HYBRID EPISODE! The Rouxde Cooking School teams up with the CTB Show (because they’re all going to a party) to bring together the best of both pods: Baltimore ranting and raving, and food ranting and raving. Raves include Brick Oven Pizza, Patterson Lanes, a segment entitled “I Have a Food Question,” and the […]

CTB Show 436: Dundalk, a Place for Sex

Oh this week’s show! Kayne comes to town (sort of), the city apparently has an ethics board, Uber robberies and hey whatever happened to those van based ATM thefts? Plus, some pop culture stew including Don’t Worry Darling, Yellowstone, Kevin Bacon’s wiener and more! JOIN OUR DISCORD RIGHT NOW! https://discord.gg/ntcQjmWJZW