CTB Show 387: Race Based Bicycles

Federal Hill Park and Fort McHenry are still a thing, HOT INFLATION CHAT, “Tik Tok Pranks,” the Million Dollar Gross Challenge, and the gigantic content megadump by Disney+ are discussed. This episode is brought to you by GetUpside! Download the app today and use promo code 2H7E8 to save a whole ton on gasoline, groceries, […]

CTB Show 384: Do I Love a Fly??

Western Maryland wants to secede, explaining Marvel characters to toddlers, toddlers trying to troll adults, and the finale of spooky movie season with some Hot Halloween Kills Chat, Dune (2021), and a segment loosely called “What makes a horror movie?” JOIN! OUR! DISCORD!! https://discord.gg/ntcQjmWJZW WATCH! ON! YOUTUBE!!