CTB Show 475: The Criterion Collection of Goosebumps

This episode! A haunted Harbor Place is floated and “He’s Just Not That Into You” backlash in the form of an article in the Banner is discussed. Spooky video games, “Stag Knight,” “Slotherhouse,” and other spooky topics populate the second half of the show. QUAKE WITH FEAR!! Join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/ntcQjmWJZW)

CTB Show 473: Piecees in the Middle Easties

On this week’s show a big fat Well Its Been featuring a new member of the Casey family, Bryan getting asked to leave the Science Center and Evan spending some time in Austin Texasland. On the pop culture section zone, a random assortment of spooky thing is discussed including 2014’s Starry Eyes (free on the […]

CTB Show 471: The Wide World of Meat

The podgang discusses little kids being picky, tastes a Pumpking Ale, yaps about fountain soda flavors, Artscape fallin’ flat and a few other meandering topics on the front half. Then spooky season sort of kind of officially kicks off with a retrospective on Interview with the Vampire and episode 6 of Ahsoka. Then things just […]