CTB Show 359: Scorpion’s Great Boyfriend

This week on the show! On the front end the Podgang discusses Baltimore’s census results as of the decade gone by (it’s bad), what happens when cities die, and “The Baltimore Plan.” During the pop culture roundup: Mortal Kombat, Captain America and the Winter SOldier, and a discussion of the life and times of Doug […]

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: What if Danielle Steel Wrote Trainspotting?

PLEASE NOTE THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED A LONG TIME AGO AND SOME REFERENCES ARE DATED Leap of Faith: August 19, 1963Season 3, Episode 03 Sam is a priest for some reason and considering he just lept from a literal war zone is for some reason upset! A very StagePlay™ episode in which a struggling priest […]

CTB Show 356: Wally Mammoth, ESQ CPA

An active shooter situation in Frederick sorta kinda hits home for one of the hosts, space trash is discussed, statue drama in Baltimore and another HOT POP CULTURE CHAT roundup featuring Godzilla vs. Kong, Space Jam 2 and more. GO TO MOBTOWNMEATSNACKS.ME AND HAVE BEEF JERKY DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR!! And also check out citythatbreeds.com/deals […]