You can make the pain stop.

Good news? Rational choice scholars search in vain for the solution to the free rider problem–have they finally found a cause universal enough to compel participation? “An anonymous reader writes to mention that Uwe Boll, the infamous German director behind such video game adaptations as House of the Dead, BloodRayne, Dungeon Siege and Postal, has […]

When Interwebs Attack

After hearing about the Great Emo Purge of 2008, I despaired of finding another story with the right balance of awkward amusement. But a group of hackers took control of a forum run by an epilepsy support group: [A] group of griefers (assuming to be members of Anonymous) managed to invade a support forum established […]

a million crying emo-kids

May it never be said that I condone violence, but a small, slightly evil part of me finds this hilarious. A series of attacks on dyed-hair, eye-makeup-wearing emo kids began in early March when several hundred people went on an emo-beating rampage in Querétaro, a town of 1.5 million about 160 miles north of Mexico […]

tuesdays are for voting

Many of you may know that tomorrow is the most important day of the primary election cycle. If you don’t know this, you probably weren’t voting in the primaries anyway. To summarize the “conventional wisdom”–the phrase has come to mean what inside-the-beltway pundits think and write–the Republican race is shaping up nationwide between Mitt Romney […]