Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Sam is a Professional Wet Blanket

Oh Boy! Ziggy Gets it Wrong is back for two more and you can’t get enough! You can watch Quanty Leaps for FREE on NBC.com.
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Animal Frat: October 18, 1967
Season 2, Episode 12

Sam continues his quest to get dudes laid! This time it’s Wild Thing, a frat boy in 1967 college, which is very different from 2020 college. Sam continues to not have any fun when presented with totally rad situations like getting laid by twins however, and instead proceeds to Boomsplain™ his way through the Vietnam era college scene and try to prevent an explosion because of politics or something.

Ziggy Gets It: The goalpost moved, Ziggy got it WRONG, then like, right. C’MON QUANTY LEAPS GET IT TOGETHER.

Another Mother: September 30, 1981
Season 2, Episode 13

Sam leaps into a single mother (OH BOY!), who must keep the lady’s son a virgin, because Sam is the only one allowed to have sex! Just kidding, in this one Lady Sam spin kicks a bunch of pedophile murderers and we have no idea if they could see his vagina as a result! Plus a little girl makes friends with Al, it’s weird.

Ziggy Gets It: Right, basically

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