Nuggetfest 2020 IS A GO!

It is sometimes claimed that Baltimore, in its history, has had a few legendary events to claim as its own. Preakness, Artscape, Flower Mart, — all total crap. Baltimore’s true legendary event-that-sometimes-happens-annually is NUGGETFEST, a celebration of that one culinary delight that all human beings and baby Yodas cherish, the chicken nugget. Please, join us, on February 22nd from 4-8pm for an ALL YOU CAN EAT chicken nugget party at Nobles Bar and Grill. There will be a chicken nugget eating contest. There will be a dippin’ sauce contest (probably). There WILL be drink specials. All for $15. It’s not a bad deal, and you should go to it.

Buy your tickets here or at the door, we don’t really care either way. Just show up hungry, because for the love of god there will be a shitload of chicken nuggets. See you there!

Here’s the Facebook Event! Tell everyone you’re going!


We also accept Venmo. Send $15 to @citythatbreeds and we will add your name to the guest list.

Behold, a previous eating contest in which a man ate two pounds of nuggets in roughly seven minutes. Please, someone, beat this record in 2020.

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