Hello Fresh Gift Card Giveaway Bonanza 2000


Historically speaking, we’ve reviewed the meal-in-a-box-delivery solution known as Hello Fresh on more than one occasion (One for the veg, one for the meat – gots to be thorough, people!) and to date, their services still continue to be often imitated by your Plated’s’s and your Blue Apron’s’s’s, but needless to say Hello Fresh has been the most generous with their first time discounts and giveaways. To whit, they’ve granted us a pair of $40 gift cards to give away for first time buyers, and we’d like to give them away to you, our beloved CTB fanbase. To enter, simply comment below. Preferably, your favorite Nicholas Cage .gif or meme. No purchase required! But, in case you are interested in giving Hello Fresh a whirl, there’s a coupon code available too. See, look it’s right below this paragraph:

SO, whether you want to roll the dice and go for the $40 gift card, or simply cash in on a sure thing with a $15 promo code, stop wasting your time shopping for groceries and WASTING YOUR LIFE planning meals and let HELLO FRESH DO IT FOR YOU.

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