The City That Chats Episode 2: Cory McCray

photo via Baltimore Brew
photo via Baltimore Brew

The latest episode of The City That Chats takes me to the 45th district where I interview Mr. Cory McCray, a local community activist, small business owner and union leader. We take time to talk about his life story, his vision for Baltimore, and what he would do if he was elected to the House of Delegates. The interview has a number of insights, laughs, all behind much better acoustics.

If you’re interested in learning more about Cory, feel free to get in touch through any of the following means:
Internet –
Facebook –
Twitter – @electcorymccray

The next interview on CTB will be with Delegate Ron George, who is running for Governor of Maryland. It should be up next week. If there are other people you’d like to see interviewed for 2014 (or even non political types), please let me know!

Thanks for your interest, and thanks for listening.





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