SACK with Carne Cabeza

The week in sports gone by!

Tuesday started on a low note. We were officially eliminated from the playoffs by the lowly, Toronto Blue Jays

Wednesday started things in an upward direction! Schoop made his debut at second and quickly had a hit and later followed it with a home run!

Thursday, Miguel Gonzales threw a gem or something. I’m not sure, I didn’t watch the game. This is how I imagined it looked though:
miguel gem

Friday we lost to the Redsox, 12-3

We score two runs in the bottom of the 8th to beat the Red Sox 6-5 on Saturday! Yay! Lookin good at the end of the series. Plus we were graced with this headline:

Then Comes Sunday. The Orioles are ending the season on a winning note, taking 3/4 from both the Jays and the Sox

So after the season, this is what our map of series wins looks like:
bird map

Meanwhile, the Ravens are laying an egg in Buffalo
(note, this is obviously not the Ravens, but it encompasses the emotions we are all feeling)

But, the Steelers lost!
owen wilson four

And the Browns beat Cincy, meaning we’re ALL tied for first place! Except the Steelers… they still are terrible!

The only thing notable that happened on Monday was that we got word from Manny’s second opinion, Dr. James Andrews
manny machado surgery

It’s, “doesn’t,” Doctor, but we’ll let it slide
Tuesday was interesting. First there was news that Torrey Smith knocked up his wife, and had an interesting way of revealing it:
torrey smith prego

AND the Ravens did something they haven’t done in their history, made an in-season trade for Jacksonville’s Eugene Monroe

I wonder what next week has in store for us? Hopefully it’s a Ravens win! I cannot take these emotional rollercoasters anymore!

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