Sports Are Crazy Kool (SACK) with Carne Cabeza

Alt: Carne’s Corner: Baltimore Sports Week in Review (Week of 9/24)

What a crazy week it’s been. It has been a roller coaster of emotions to say the least.

We started with high playoff hopes, taking 2-3 from both the Blue Jays and the division leading Redsox, going in to a four game series with the team only 3.5 games ahead of us in the Wild Card Race. We were poised to make a run that would surely cap off our playoff aspirations.

The Ravens, too were on a high. We had just rebounded after being spanked by Denver to beat the divisional foe, Cleveland Browns. Even though we may not have scored as many points as we would have hoped, we still got the W and that’s all that matters! Plus the Steelers lost!

steelers owen 2

First there’s last Friday for the Orioles. In a game where Chris Davis hits #51

We lose an 18 inning heartbreaker. Ugh.

murray punch

Saturday starts off well enough. Maryland completely ROLLS over West Virginia in a 37-0 rout, despite looking like a McDonalds employee from Demolition Man


Then the O’s are quickly brought back down to earth with a 5-1 loss in Tampa. This is starting to get old.

Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles

But Sunday was just around the corner, and exactly what Baltimore needed to pick us up! The RAVENS! We DOMINATED the Texans, a team that almost every national pundit picked to win. It was glorious. We looked good. Tandon Doss’ past failures/dropped balls are completely behind us. Daryl Smith returns an INT. All is right in Baltimore.

Meanwhile, the Orioles are playing in Tampa. And losing. Again. We’re still not out, but we are really close to disaster. Ugh.


But the night game brings us up another hill! The Steelers lose! Yay!

Then comes Monday.

All of our hope is pointing to the slim chance of running the table to make it into the playoffs. Let’s pick up the final game in Tampa and try to force our way in! That’s all we need! Chris Davis hits 52!

We’re going to do this! It’s going to happen! It’s Going to start here!
Then Monday strikes. Down goes Machado.

Down goes Casilla.

Down goes our season. Walk off homerun in the bottom of the ninth to all but drive the proverbial nail into our playoff coffin of hopes? Seems appropriate!

Even Jacoby Jones gets in on the action.

Oh well. We’re technically not out, but we will be soon. As other teams are celebrating their playoff berths (err, births)
baby beer

And we’re stuck at home watching. Oh well, maybe next week will be better!

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