CTB Podcast Episode Ten Part Two: A Sexless Sewer Dungeon

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Our two part Education episode continues with Baltimore Sun’s education reporter Erica L. Green (@EricaLG) and former educator-turned-ad-man-and-curmudgeon Matt McDermott (@MMMcDermott) as they discuss AP scores, spending problems, bad hires, Alonso’s departure and oh so much more.

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2 thoughts on “CTB Podcast Episode Ten Part Two: A Sexless Sewer Dungeon

  1. Part Deux was GREAT! You need to have Erica on more often. Matt too, even if he did go to Poly (I’m a City Grad). Keep it up! And Smaltimore lives up to it’s name, I lived in Hamilton as a child and spent years living in Catonsville.

  2. In regards to the waste of building Olberton’s office, there were a few things that needed to be taken care of in regards to critical infrastructure in the building, but building an “executive suite” was completely not needed. Those of us that were field technicians didn’t have parts to fix computers, and had to rob Peter to pay Paul, to keep the schools’ technology running.

    I simply do not buy the “attracting talent” line he used in doing it. They fired several very talented people who simply wouldn’t “play ball” in regards to politics there. There were several people who could have been hired on to fill these positions that they couldn’t fill, but these people were not even considered. They would have happily worked there without and issue with the facilities.

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