CTB Podcast Episode Nine: Whine in the Woods

utz mic 2

Everyone is delighted to have a female in the room as the podcast is joined by CTB street team member @cheeselaine and a discussion of weekend events ensues including every White Person’s favorite, Wine in the Woods. Another rousing round of Would You Rather is played and then local topics are covered from SRB’s questionable transparency, the Pratt Library audit to Dispatches from the Hamilton World. Thank you for listening and spread the word.



2 thoughts on “CTB Podcast Episode Nine: Whine in the Woods

  1. I actually love Wine in the Woods – You can buy bottles in addition to the samples. And it is nice to just put down a blanket, relax, and listen to music. there is food you can buy and some of it is really good. But next year I better see Mobtown Meat Snacks!

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