Slyce the Bar is Home Slyce, Republic Noodle getting a liquor license apparently

A friend of mine sent me a photo on Friday of South Baltimore’s once and forever Bill’s Lighthouse Inn (1741 Light St., Riverside), which in recent history was finally bought and sold to one Haluk K of Cazbar fame, whose plans are to reopen Bill’s as a pizza restaurant under the name “Slyce” (the bar).

Well the paint job is done and the sign is up, as you can see here the official name of Slyce is in fact “HomeSlyce Pizza Bar.”

“Hey Home Slice, you wanna go to HomeSlyce and get a Slice and then head Home?”
“Why yes I would Home Slice, let’s go to HomeSlyce and grab a pie consisting of several Slyces — I mean, Slices, then head Home.”

If it were me, I’d go even further with naming this place as awesomely as possible and call it “HomeSlyce Pizza Bar: a place for Slyces you can call Home. Welcome Home: HomeSlyce!”

anyway so there’s that.

On another note, further up the street at Republic Noodle the windows have been papered and a notice has been posted that Republic Noodle (1121 Light St., Federal Hill) is tweaking the space in an effort to apply for a liquor license and do away with its BYOB policy. If I were them, in the interim I’d also work on making their food taste good and not egregiously expensive. Believe me, I’d like to launch into a “Had such high hopes” diatribe on Republic Noodle but a thousand Yelp reviews have already aired the grievances I have with the place and I’d like to see it succeed, but yeah, might want to work on the food before pulling the trigger on a liquor license, guys. Amirite?

EDIT: @kateebee points out this particularly interesting exchange between a patron of the restaurant and the owner’s response on Yelp.

2 thoughts on “Slyce the Bar is Home Slyce, Republic Noodle getting a liquor license apparently

  1. Republic Noodle apparently isn’t getting a liquor license, because they’ve closed. Saw it on their web site this morning.

    We were unable to acquire an affordable liquor license at this location and have closed the restaurant. Please look for our new virtual restaurant and website, in the near future, for Pan Asian food and beverage recipes, history, culture, and our “POP-UP” restaurant locations until we find a new home.
    We wish to thank everyone who understood, appreciated, and patronized our unique, forward-looking, ONE-OF-A-KIND establishment.
    Thank You…
    Republic Noodle

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