Pedicabs on the way to Baltimore, cab drivers roll eyes

Your chariot awaits

Newcomer Chesapeake Pedicab Company is gearing up to debut their man-powered bike taxis to trek residents, tourists and bike enthusiasts alike around the Downtown area extending to Canton, Fells Point, the usual spots. From their Press Release:

We’ll be available in Federal Hill and around the stadiums for both Orioles and Ravens events, at the Inner Harbor and Power Plant, and in Fells Point and Canton. CPC offers a fun, romantic, and environmentally friendly way to get around the heart of the city. CPC will not replace cabs, buses, and the other traditional modes of transportation around the city; however, it aims to offer a new alternative for a niche market of individuals looking for something different.

Works for me! The Federal Hill based company owned by Steven Ball has been in the works for some time now and is ready for debut. But the question on my/your mind: “How Much?”

That answer is just barely a lil’ varied, since all of the pedicabs are independently licensed, much like regular cabs. Steve had this to say on the matter:

As an owner/operator, I’ll be using the “tips only” model, cash or credit ($10 min on credit cards due to processing fees) for the times that I operate a pedicab. Drivers will receive instruction similar to what I described to you, so there may be some slight differences. Pedicabs offer a “unique” experience, but it would be wise for drivers to keep rates competitive with other modes of transportation.

Fed Hill to [Power Plant Live] I would expect $10. That trip could be made in 10 minutes or less and is relatively easy.

The aforementioned “slight differences” among other drivers would be per-minute rates, or a flat rate for the first few minutes with additional charges thereafter. Either way, if you’re looking for a fun way to hitch a ride from the Inner Harbor to Camden Yards on a cool eve CPC could be up yer alley.

2 thoughts on “Pedicabs on the way to Baltimore, cab drivers roll eyes

  1. GO STEVE BALL!! I can’t wait to see these things out and about. I am so proud of Steve and the hard work he’s put into CPC. It’s definitely going to be a fun way to get around this summer.

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