UnPeterAngelos reveals new Camden Yards features to celebrate 20th season

UnPeterAngelos, overlord and master of Camden Yards, unveils new features at the esteemed ballpark to celebrate its 20th birthday. These new features are design to fall in line and synergize with last year’s new policies list, which were wildly successful in bolstering attendance numbers to record levels. Enjoy the new facilities folks!


Attention fans: We’re pleased to usher in another season of Orioles baseball. This year is especially spectacular because it marks the 20th anniversary of the prettiest ballpark in baseball. We couldn’t have kept the place looking so wonderful if it weren’t for you, the fans, reducing wear and tear on the place by not showing up.

She looks great, doesn’t she?

To celebrate two decades of professional-like baseball at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the organization has been hard at work upgrading the facilities and adding new attractions to provide a better fan experience. Behold, just some of the excitement we have in store for you:

  • The Dave McNally Memorial Hopscotch Court
  • Steve Geppi’s Look What I Found Under the Refrigerator Museum
  • Scale Replica of the Wailing Wall (open after the final out of each game)
  • The Jim Traber Booger Slide
  • Urinal Cake Shuffleboard
  • Usher (non popstar) Petting Zoo
  • Hobo Wrestling (located in Lot A before the game, and everywhere else afterwards)
  • he Oriole Bird Fondle Tent
  • The Miller Lite Vomitorium
  • Bullpen Mulch Pile
  • The High Five Emporium (open during home games with American League West teams)


Enjoy the new features our fine park has to offer. Or else. Onward, Baltimore Orioles!

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