Presenting: The first ever and probably annual Halloween in April

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If you’re a Baltimore resident who happens to be interested in the festivities and frivolity of Halloween, chances are pretty high you at one point attempted to spend the high holiday in our own Historic Fells Point, and within five point five seconds found yourself waiting in line for 27 hours at Max’s or some other bar attempting to get a solitary Miller Lite.

Why deal with that, when you can have Halloween six months early?

That’s right gang, come Saturday, April 28th we’re throwing the first ever Halloween in April, a day of costumery and libations at the halfway point to Halloween.

Registration will begin ($5, proceeds going to the animal shelter) at 5:00pm at Bad Decisions (1928 Fleet St.), making our way toward Broadway Market. Drink specials will be featured at select establishments (TBA), costumes are highly encouraged but not necessary!

Preregistration will begin in two weeks! Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Presenting: The first ever and probably annual Halloween in April

  1. Hey man, how did this turn out?  I brought up the idea of Halloween at Bad Decisions to my lady and she said something like “pfft,  hell no.”  Then the day after the event a buddy sent her an email saying “Tried to get a hold of you last night.  We were dressing up as zombies and doing Halloween at Bad Decisions!”  Then she looked at me and was all like “Why don’t you ever tell me about cool shit like this?  We coulda been zombies.” 

    1. Turned out really well. Manageable crowd, might be a bit bigger next year and every bar was very accommodating. Trying to get an event like this going every quarter or so, stay tuned for the next one!

      Also hung out with all of your zombie friends, they had a great time I think!

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