Local bloggers instruct public on frugal weekend activities

Hey have you seen the Baltimore Sun’s Live! section today? You did pay the $0.75 for your copy of the Baltimore Sun in order to see this really awesome feature on how to have a cheap weekend in and around Baltimore, as put together by four local (and awesome, attractive) bloggers?

Well, if you haven’t yet – and you should – check out the collaborative goodness known as the Ultimate Cheap Weekend, a pretty much complete guide on how to have a weekend completely full of arts, eats, family activities – and of course, how to GET DRUNK AS HELL on the cheap. Yours truly covered the nightlife aspect (that’s me in the bottom right corner, not necessarily losing my religion), a respectable list to be sure. For the record, you’d be surprised at how hard it can be to come up with 7-10 ideas for nightlife options on the cheap that aren’t already immensely well known – especially with options outside of the city that aren’t tweeted about or discussed on The Facebook. At any rate, Baltimore, get out there and have yourself a cheap weekend, regardless of whether it’s full of art, food, family or booze (in that order)!

2 thoughts on “Local bloggers instruct public on frugal weekend activities

    1. even more bizarrely, it says $1.50 on the front page and yet the vending machine out front of Dunkin’ Donuts is still $0.75 – that’s a 50% savings! Very cheap!

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