The City That Breeds is now on Foursquare …for some reason

*apologies to those of you who “friended” the previous CTB account on Foursquare, the tips/friends couldn’t be transferred. Sorry!

In an effort to provide the web-and-mobile-device-savvy public at large (and myself) continuously entertained, The City That Breeds now has its own Foursquare page complete with “fun” tips and tricks to do around the Baltimore area. For you Foursquare users, this is your opportunity to finally be able to claim that you’ve hung out at City Hall and had a mojito in the council chambers, among other things!

Chilly chill in the council chambers, have a Mojito, kick back and keep it real.

Get a nice fresh batch of Utz Potato Chips with purchase of illegal firearm!

Simulate some inappropriate behavior with a potted plant!

Anyway you get the point; mostly (but not all) joke tips around the Baltimore area, ohohohohoho hilarious and sometimes useful! As the list of tips grows (there are 9 so far) new posts will be made to keep everyone updated. The future is here people, and it’s …..a bunch of Foursquare tips. Enjoy!

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