Local blogger sells some shirts, makes donation to BARCS

A few days ago, a t-shirt was sold (buy yours here!) – specifically, a BaltiMO’ t-shirt, from our “Sell t-shirts on this website and support BARCS” campaign – to one Samantha M of Seattle Washington and her BARCS adoption, one Molly Ringwald. The caption was so priceless I had to post it here today:

So yea, I’m totally pumped now.  Here is a picture of Molly Ringwald throwing up on the side of a canyon in North Dakota, just because:

Priceless. But you know what isn’t priceless and in fact has a dollar value? The fact that she by happenstance bought the 40th t-shirt since the campaign started, and so a $100 to BARCS was made. See?

So here’s to the dogs and cats at BARCS, hopefully this donation will keep them fed and happy for a little while longer. If you’re interested in purchasing one of those attractive shirts mentioned earlier and vicariously supporting the animal shelter in the process, you can find them in the Yardsale section of this here website. Keep buying them and BARCS will keep getting donations! And we know how much BARCS loves donations, as do those dogs and cats.

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