Review: This weird thing I just ate

So this thing is, according to the lady at the register, a “hamburger,” but the guy next to her chimed in and said “It CHINESE hamburger!” and it was only 3 bucks so I was all, “I’d buy THAT for a dollar!” and pulled the trigger on the purchase and subsequently paid three dollars instead of one. But I digress.

Well let’s just say when it finally came to me on the plate I started slowly cocking my head to the side like a confused canine, “Is this an english muffin? That’s weird. It’s stuffed with…. is that chicken? That’s weird.” *eats a bite* “Man, this is weird. I can taste some ginger, it’s like a super low key bourbon chicken but without the rat parts, or like a Sloppy Joe made of chicken but instead of barbeque it’s sorta teriyaki. Weird. ”

….the Chinese Hamburger. In all my years I’d never heard of it, and I guess I’m glad I tried it and its weirdness. Anyone ever have one?

2 thoughts on “Review: This weird thing I just ate

    1. Silk Road Express, they have a positively bizarre menu consisting of Mediterranean/Chinese/Other cuisine, very cheap for a campus eatery (JHU)

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