10 Websites from the Past 10 Years (that I have enjoyed) – Part 1

2009 is over and done with and the shittiest decade seen by the world in quite some time comes to a close. However, one thing that didn’t suffer over the past decade is internet comedy. Oh the humanity, our lovable series of tubes has produced a wide menagerie of content that the world has since gawked at, passed onto family members and coworkers, and promptly forgotten about within five minutes. But there are certain sites I still visit on occasion simply because I remember they still exist, and they’re still awesome. Here’s the first five of the ten of them that sprang to my mind – some of which you may have missed.

y2khai.com – Asian kid in an Elvis suit making flash videos of hip hop songs. Do you really need to know more?
realultimatepower.net – A true OG of internet comedy. A website (and book!) dedicated entirely to facts and stories about ninjas, long before ninjas and Chuck Norris jokes became as played out as they are today. Still one of my favorites to this day.
ulillillia.us – A guy with Asperger’s Syndrome (or something) with a website dedicated to …something. Video games? Trick and tips? Volumes and volumes of strange and unusual material not to be missed here. I highly recommend the image collection.
mulletsgalore.com – Unfortunately defunct, this site was the be all and end all for mullet categorization and subsequent hilarity on the internet. I still have their bumper sticker.
maddox.xmission.net – The Best Page in the Universe has been entertaining quite a number of people over the years and Maddox continues to kick ass – albeit very infrequently – with some of the most scathing commentaries around. A true pioneer of internets comedies.

Come back for the next five in 2010!

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