Go to Station North this Halloween. Do it.

For something a bit different and with far less vomit during this year’s Halloween festivities, I fully intend to patronize Station North in lieu of more jam-packed, expensive and otherwise drunk as hell areas like Fell’s Point or Federal Hill. And so should you. Granted, you’ll be trading your crowd of 20,000 totally sweet sexy nurses/school teachers/eskimos/vinyl siding salesmen for a crowd of hipsters/art students/or both in TOTALLY IRONIC costumes, but I’m willing to bet you’ll see a lot more creativity and far less public urination with the latter.

Not to mention that all six participating venues – with the exception of one – are FREE to attend and offer a lot of entertainment and SWEET CONTESTS for your general enjoyment. For a full list of such events, check out the fine freaks over at Gutter.

On another note, this will be the first year in my mind (or rather, for me personally) that Station North has really been put on the map as a legitimate holiday blowout – with the exception of Artscape – since the revitalization of that area began. Or maybe I’m just generally out of the loop. Wait, let me rephrase all of this: This will be the first year that I actually would really like to patronize Station North for a holiday of any variety. It’ll be interesting and somewhat heartwarming to see a great party going on in a section of the city that less than four or five years ago was considered literally untouchable. Warms my cockles, it does!

3 thoughts on “Go to Station North this Halloween. Do it.

  1. As someone who lived in Station North before there was a Joe Squared, a Windup space, a Metro Gallery, A Hexagon… this endorsement is the most ironic thing I’ve seen in the neighborhood in a long time.

    Its also an undeniable signal of success. Thanks.

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