NachoQuest – No Way Jose Cafe

nachos no way jose cafe I’ve always enjoyed the food at No Way Jose. I don’t care what anyone says, they’re mexican is pretty good stuff despite the fact that Blue Agave is practically right next door (not to mention Pop Tacos has awesome burritos etc. for much less) and the “upscale” Federales Cantina is on the horizon. And these nachos are, in short, pretty good stuff too.

But not great.

The nachos have some good, fresh ingredients. Good pico, comes with guacamole and sour cream – and fresh jalapenos. Nice. Especially with a base price of $7.99. ($2 extra for meat) And the chips are light and crispy, in fact they’re some of the best tortilla chips I’ve had, unlike most of the heavily salted chips that most other places have. And it looks like a nice big plate of nachos, right? …not necessarily. Unfortunately for these nachos, they violate tenet #3 of the Nacho Manifesto. The toppings seen in the picture are hiding a huge pile of naked, dry, boring chips underneath. NOT RAD GUYS, NOT RAD.

I feel very strongly about tenet #3. Despite the fact that they include most of the ingredients I hope to see in a steaming pile of nachos, at a reasonable price, a big fat pile of naked chips underneath lowers the value substantially.

2 out of 5 golden nachos

(view the NachoQuest map so far here)

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