Movember ENDS!

No more mustache rides for anyone, because Movember has ended with a bang. All told I raised $585.00!!! As of this minute, I’m in 332nd place in the U.S. for raising money. Not too shabby.

Thanks a million to everyone who donated, your prizes will be arriving shortly!

12/02/08 EDIT: MAKE THAT $635.00!! 299th PLACE!!!

EDIT: fixed for less horror and old man air chewing

6 thoughts on “Movember ENDS!

  1. The animation makes you look like you are chewing air and nodding your head like an old man with Parkinsons.

    Congrats on the sucessful Movemeber.

  2. actually i think this evening i’ll clean it up and make all the features match since this animation is going to be on the sidebar for the rest of the month. you know, make it all snazzy

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