Movember BEGINS!

Unfortunately I’m a few days late for the beginning of Movember, the initiative to get males to grow mustaches throughout the month of November and raise awareness/get donations for the Prostate Cancer Foundation (R.I.P. DJS M.D. 1938-2001 <3). I’m participating this year and have shaved my face cleanly, as you can see.

At any rate, I have started a team for fundraising, The Flirty Sanchezes, and I need your help! If you are interested in joining my team and helping to raise funds (you don’t have to do anything with your moustache unless you want to), head to and enter the following information:

* Captain’s Registration Number: 1977166
* Captain’s Email Address:

Or conversely and just as importantly, if you would like to donate money to the cause then click


My goal is a measly $100. And considering I am personally donating half of that I suspect that between myself and my mother I will probably meet this goal. HELP ME EXCEED IT!! JOIN MY TEAM!!! DONATE TOWARD MEN’S HEALTH RESEARCH!!!!!

Moustache progress reports will be coming soon. And if you donate, you get this cool button (not really):

(click here for the thrilling conclusion)

2 thoughts on “Movember BEGINS!

  1. you should take a picture of your face at the same angle, and then at the end do one of those fast motion gifs that looks like you sprout a beard.

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