Circuit City = Chapter 11. Buy stuff there!

Not that I really care whether Circuit City falls victim to whatever combination of abysmal management / horrible economy / thieving leprechauns exists in this world and has led to their near-imminent downfall, but with the holiday season approaching and desperation for cash, there’s one thing you can be sure of: their shit is gonna be dirt. Cheap.

Take for instance this Sony Viao listed for $549.99:

• 15.4″ Screen
• Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3200
• Built-in 802.11bgn wireless
• Burns DVDs and CDs
• 160GB hard drive
• 3GB of DDR2 memory
• Built-in webcam and mic

Not a shabby laptop, certainly a good price – in fact, $50.00 cheaper than a remarkably similar Viao listed on – except the one from Circuit City has more memory for less money! (and in fact also a full $150.00 less than the same on listed on

So savor this unique opportunity to practically steal high end electronics due to the failing economy! And for you Black Friday enthusiasts (god help you), definitely be sure to check out, where leaked Black Friday ads get posted regularly. Here’s the allegedly leaked Black Friday list from Circuit City with brand names and models (but no prices, but keep your eyes peeled for comparisons). Ridonkulously cheap stuff will be posted briefly in the upcoming weeks. Good luck out there folks.

7 thoughts on “Circuit City = Chapter 11. Buy stuff there!

  1. Don’t expect awesome deals on stuff being liquidated though. Apparently, liquidation companies don’t really mark stuff down that much. and are sneaky about it (list the price much higher than it was, and give you the liquidation discount on that, ending up still higher than it was before)

  2. In the event that they actually go out of business yeah that would be something to be wary of. Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet and the holiday discounts should be legitimately competitive. I mean, they kind of have to be if they intend to actually survive as a retail chain.

    (which they haven’t done very well thus far, have they)

  3. yeah, their usual deals are probably going to still be competitive. I just mean, don’t go to the store in Rosedale (I think that’s one of the ones closing) and expect an awesome deal.

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  5. Evan, Don’t forget that if you buy something at a liquidation sale, it’s yours even if it falls apart or breaks down. You can find deals, but it would be wise to do research and comparison shop first because what Mike says is true. You’re not always getting a good deal. But you know that already if you’re reading Consuming Interests.

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