The Halloween Game

I’m pretty sure if one were to Google only the blogs of the internet, the overwhelming majority of them would be saying the same ol’ hat about how “Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress slutty hurrr” and what have you, on this holiest of white holidays. But this particular blog entry on the matter is far more interactive!

It’s The Halloween Game!

Two rather simple, quick ways to make your Halloween more fun! First up, we have the Halloween scorecard/scavenger hunt:

Contestants place bets on what they think will be the top 3-5 costumes of the evening, or simply keep track of the costumes seen in a scavenger hunt type manner. Prizes are arbitrarily assigned at the end of the evening. And because I am so benevolent I will even provide a starter list for everyone to use!

Costume Score
  • Sarah Palin
  • Heath Leger
  • Joe The Plumber
  • Joe Six Pack
  • Sexy Nurse
  • Sexy Schoolgirl
  • Sexy Barber
  • Sexy Tax Attorney
  • Steve Irwin
  • Juno
  • Iron Man
  • …and so on
  • (write in your own!)

Or, if this involves too much writing or your hands will be too busy swilling shitty beer to pay that much attention, there’s Halloween Bingo!! The same principle as regular bingo, but with Halloween costumes. To generate your own bingo cards check out this adorable tool. It’ll even shuffle the words so you can print out randomized extras!
Here is a sample:

Sarah Palin
Sexy Angel
Clown Related
Wrestling Related
Inflatable Blowjob Guy
Heath Leger
Sexy Devil
Video Game Character
Rainbow Bright
Sexy Anne Frank
Joe Sixpack
Beer Related
Buddy Jesus
Uncle Jessie
Harriette Tubman
Joe The Plumber
God’s Gift to Women
Turd Sandwich
Kid With Asperger’s
Priest With Boner
A Donkey
‘300’ Guy
Mark Walberg
A Thundercat
“Redneck” Anything

Have a happy, safe, sober, chaste, prayer-filled Halloween everyone!

(I will be reporting back with my scorecard soon)

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