“Restaurant” week in full effect

So everyone loves Restaurant Week, where 90+ Baltimore area eateries get together and decide that they don’t get enough customers and give patrons a legitimately good deal on a 3-course meal ($30 for dinner, $20 for lunch at most places). It’s great, a wonderful excuse to spend money on eating out, and usually a great opportunity for people watching, seeing some of the people that instantly jump at the opportunity to eat at Ruth’s Chris or any other perceived ‘fancy’ restaurant (seriously it’s hilarious).

But, while looking though the alphabetized list of establishments I couldn’t help but notice some of the entries didn’t…. quite fit.

For instance, probably the most screaming example – ESPN Zone. Really? ESPN Zone?

“Oh snap brah it’s restaurant week! Let’s fukkyn go to ESPN Zone and get some wings and brew and $10.00 in tokens and play some of that freethrow game! HELLA SWEET”

Actually, looking at the menu they provide, and if you squint your eyes really tightly, you couldn’t really tell that these food selections came from a sports-and-entertainment themed tourist trap, save for the ‘Sudden Death Brownie’ dessert selection. Pretty surprising actually. But, if you look at what say, Dave and Buster’s provides, you’d be pretty hard pressed to think of any reason to take such a somewhat unique opportunity such as Restaurant Week and squander it on Tortilla Soup. But, I suppose if you’re the type of person who would normally frequent these establishments or honestly thinks that P.F. Chang’s China Bistro provides too irresistible a deal to pass up during Restaurant Week, well you’re getting what you deserve.

Now the agonizing task of figuring out which place to go to begins….

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  1. i know it’s already over by now, but when it comes around next, check out Lebanese Taverna. Me and the girl friend had a great time there, food was awesome, service was great, and the best part was, they give you free booze. I’ve been pretending to be classy at restaurant week for 2 years, and I’ve never been at a place that gave me a free beer. Lebanese beer at that! It tasted like Rolling Rock mixed with Amstel Light.

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