I Don’t “Get” The New X-Files Movie

I mean, it’s no longer a rumor that a new X-Files movie is coming out on July 25th. But what I’m redundantly asking is uh, why? Didn’t the series end six years ago? Actually yes, it did, according to wikipedia, along with entirely too much information I never needed to know about the show aside from how the show (didn’t really) ended.

What I do remember from the commercials around the end of the series was Scully having some sort of alien baby that was implanted during the time she was ‘abducted’ aka filming movies or whatever not related to The X-Files. God help the writers and staff/crew of this movie if there’s some sort of precocious, wise-crackin’ 7 year old with super powers doing amazing things in this movie. I’ll give Chris Carter the benefit of the doubt, but it’s a device shamelessly used in movies that I still consider pretty good. I guess.

10 thoughts on “I Don’t “Get” The New X-Files Movie

  1. It’s by the actual writer of the original show, so i don’t think they are going to screw it up. But i agree, who the hell was clamoring for an Xfiles sequel?

  2. All of us XF fans, that’s who! The show was the most original thing on TV for years and has two of the best characters ever written. I’d rather see this than the Mummy 5 … that’s for sure!

  3. There won’t be a Mummy 5 because Bears won’t be able to come back after sound ass beatings they already received

    also, the XF movie is going to have xzibit as special agent xzibit! Behold the Xzibit Files, there’s your real truth.

  4. Mulder gets pimped!

    Just wait until the space bears come nowakowski, then you shall know true terror you stupid mummy lover. I for one welcome our new ursine masters and their picnic basket starships.

  5. Are you kidding me!!!Try millions of fans round the world….The 5,000 fans who turned up at Wondercon and deafened everybody when the teaser was shown…the 2,000 people outside who got turned away…The rest od the die-hard X-File fanbase who love a good script, a scary story and intelligent characters with a real history as opposed to CGI bollox been thrown at us from every angle.That’s who.You obviously don’t, so why bother even commenting on the fact?
    This is the only film millions of fans are going to save their hard-earned pennies for this summer.Indy be damned…

  6. hmm. I guess it turns out at least two people on the internet wanted this pretty badly. And for the record, it’s not like I’m actively protesting this movie coming out, if it does well then more power.

    But there’s not way in hell I’d see it over Indiana Jones.

  7. Uppity XFiles fanrage GO! Nobody’s saying it will suck, just curious that it’s coming out of nowhere. I guess David Duchovny could probably use some cash now that the Red Shoes Diary money has probably run out.

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