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Many of you may know that tomorrow is the most important day of the primary election cycle. If you don’t know this, you probably weren’t voting in the primaries anyway.

To summarize the “conventional wisdom”–the phrase has come to mean what inside-the-beltway pundits think and write–the Republican race is shaping up nationwide between Mitt Romney and John McCain, with McCain pulling away and winning handily. In the Democratic race, several national polls show Obama and Clinton in a statistical dead-heat. Since the last primary in South Carolina, Obama has closed the gap with Clinton across the nation.

This election cycle is important, imho: one party offers a vision of the future with a less bellicose foreign policy and domestic reforms (toward universal healthcare); the other party offers warmongering jingoism and anti-immigration fear-mongering.

Enough of my soapbox. I’ll be at a Poly Sci party on Tuesday night, drinking to the election returns (take a shot every time Chris Matthews makes a bizarre metaphor). That’s what we do, you know, drink while watching polls. Anyway, maybe I’ll bring some pictures back to compete with Federal Hill’s crazy nightlife.

TPM is my favorite place to follow political news. Politico can be good too, but its all about the “conventional wisdom.” RealClearPolitics has a nice selection of opinion pieces and polls. And, if you like your politics in podcast form, you can’t go wrong with Slate’s Gabfest and NPR’s “Its all Politics”.


Update 2: The NY Times has a nice analysis of how the election results are tallied and which numbers matter.

Late Update: TPM TV with the rundown

4 thoughts on “tuesdays are for voting

  1. Obama is basically a much cooler Clinton who didn’t vote for the war and isn’t related to Bill. Also, he’s a black man that doesn’t scare white people (southerners excepted). I think he has a good shot. But, if the Superbowl taught us anything, it’s that ultra-conservatives will find their disgust with McCain’s liberal record supercedes their hatred of Mormonism’s cult-like disagreement with established church doctrine on unimportant nonsense about the nature of made-up bullshit and will elect Romney in the last minute of the primaries. But no matter who wins, our next president will either be the first black man, the first woman, the first Mormon, or the first crypto-liberal mummy elected to office. Preston Brooks is surely caning people in Hell just thinking about it.

  2. html links for the blog/ phpbb links for the forum

    McCain will then use the full force of the us military to wipe out those pesky bearz forever. Finally eliminating the primary threat to america’s homeland.

  3. Confusing. Why can’t we edit blog comments ?
    Also, McCain won’t wipe out the bearz. He’ll merely continue our policy of infuriating them by peeing in their caves and stealing their honey. Fury makes bearz horny and causes them to breed.

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