According to poll, Baltimore slightly less fun than Philadelphia and …Anchorage?!

While perusing ye olde Consuming Interests the other day, I came across a post regarding a poll that Travel and Leisure Magazine put out there comparing “America’s Favorite Cities,” a rundown of tourist destination cities broken down by category – Best time of year to go, cuisine, etc – and ranked according to reader votes. […]

Ride to the Rally to Restore Sanity with Team Bad Decisions

In case you were unaware due to the fact that you live under a rock, on October 30th the fine folks at Comedy Central and The Daily Show / Colbert Report are throwing several comedy-based rallies in Washington, DC which promise to bring ….something to the political landscape that seems to be so deeply troubled in this day and age.

But really, who wants to DRIVE to DC? It sucks! And the stupid goddammed MARC train doesn’t run on weekends, and the Metro costs money and and and and

Which is why, dear readers, you should forego any thought of trying to drive yourself to the rally – if you should decide to go – and hitch a ride with John Reusing and the fine freaks of Bad Decisions (1928 Fleet St., Fells Point) on their bus tour to the rallies. John plans on renting out “as many buses as it takes, hopefully [two] or more” to get concerned citizens of Baltimore to Washington.

The buses will have bathrooms and there will (probably) be booze, and every rider gets a “TEAM BAD DECISIONS” T-shirt, $25-30 depending on unforeseen costs.

The event’s Facebook page, the Twitter hashtag is #BDRT. Or if you must, call Bad Decisions(410) 979-5161 for more info.

Crumpton Auction is a great weekday getaway

If you’ve got a Wednesday off in the near future for some reason, you should definitely consider taking the short trip over the Bay Bridge to Crumpton, where Dixon’s Furniture Auction occurs every week from 9am on. The auction house features literally thousands of items every week, ranging from legitimate antiques to quirky junk lying […]

Key West Tales Volume 3 – The Rest of It

I’m just gonna wrap up this whole Key West thing with some pictures. Quite frankly most of the other stories involve drunken destruction of property, and/or falling off of  scooters into a backflip, and nobody wants to hear about boring stuff! So here are some boring pictures instead! (click to enlarge each) [imagebrowser id=45]

Key West Tales Vol. 2 – Shrimp Shack

One of the greatest things about Key West is the fact that, like Baltimore, it’s a seafood town. Except unlike Baltimore, the seafood literally flies out of the water onto your plate while cooking in midair. Granted, the eastern shore of our fair state is brimming with waterfront restaurants boasting off-the-boat cuisine, but it’s hard […]