First Impressions: Dirty Oars Tavern

Good God almighty it seems like a jillion years ago that defunct tequila bar Lime went up for sale – well, two years to be exact, which is an eternity in Blog Years – but at long last the everybody-has-seen-the-signs-up-but-never-seems-to-ever-have-been-opened Dirty Oars Tavern (801 E Fort Ave., Riverside) has finally opened its doors for business. […]

The Fifth Annual (!) Snuggie Bar Crawl is this weekend

Unbelievably, inconceivably, holy shit we’re oldily the FIFTH ANNUAL and wildly popular Snuggie Bar Crawl is occurring this Saturday, February 23rd with the jump being at Captain Larry’s Bar and Grill (601 E Fort Ave., Riverside). I think I’ve been to at least three of them thus far with the first having had the distinction […]

Shoyou Sushi Sho’s you the sushi ehehehehehehehehe movie/fish pun/reference

contains LINED content – click away! There’s a “new” spot for sushi in SoBo and it’s Shoyou Sushi (1504 Light St, Riverside), formerly known as Soho Eatery – having been shut down for a few weeks for renovations, new owner Bruce (at least that’s what I think his name is) has upped the Japanese ante […]

Nachoquest: Park Bench Pub

Nestled way back in there somewhere around Belt St. (1749 to be precise) next to Riverside Park lies the Park Bench Pub. Once known as Boomer’s, recently re-re-owned by former Magerk’s sushi chef Richard, it’s a neighborhood bar through and through with your good ol’ fashioned pub grub, brand new sushi menu (sure what the […]

Guzzle and Gobble 8 and a Kickoff Happy Hour to benefit Movember

It’s Movember time again, starting November 1st the annual celebration of manly moustaches and men’s health awareness begins, this year bigger than ever. The rules are simple: shave your face clean on November 1st and grow a moustache throughout the month of November. Bother your friends to “sponsor” your moustache and collect donations, or simply […]