Mealtime! #16

What: Flag Pizza (large, 16″) Where: Joe Squared (133 W North Ave., Charles North) How Much: $23 (yikes!) Synopsis: Posting anything about Joe Squared is kind of an afterthought since practically everyone knows it’s a superior place to get a ‘gourmet’ pizza. And this pizza, split into three different pizzas (standard cheese, four cheese, pesto […]

5 totally horrifying movies for Halloween Week

Being that it’s now officially the five days leading up to Halloween, I thought I’d share with you folks what I feel are five of the most horrifying feature flicks out there. I can safely say that watching these films in order once a day until Halloween will probably make you insane in some way […]

Secret Girlfriend – not so secretly horrible

It’s not often that I feel strongly enough about a television product to elicit a comment by my mouth and fingers in typing form, but Comedy Central’s new show “Secret Girlfriend” has truly gotten my hackles up. See that banner? You already know this show sucks, right? Well. Wait, let me backtrack a bit. If […]

Mealtime! #13

Continuing the “I’m a big dumb tourist who likes to follow Anthony BOREdain’s travels” Mealtime! series… What: Cold Seafood Platter, Calamari Appetizer Where: Mo’s Crab and Pasta Factory How Much: $15.99 for the platter, $8.99 for the calamari Synopsis: I have heard ten billion horror stories and ten billion happy stories about the service and […]

BONUS Mealtime! #10

This bonus Mealtime! comes directly from Twitter user @juliemore! The power of the internet. What: Mozzarella, prosciutto and pesto on foccacia (plus wine, pine nuts, pastries and olive oil). Where: Trinacria Macaroni Works (map) How Much: $5.95 for the sandwich, $30 for everything. Synopsis: I personally have never been to Trinacria but @juliemore described the […]