CTB Show 327: The CTB Show Rouxde Cooking School Mashtravaganza!

Join Baltimore’s NUMBER THREE podcast as they are joined by the Rouxde Cooking School for a super-sized, super fun episode full of personal stories, Baltimore ephemera, food news and more! Check out the Rouxde Cooking School right here and hey, have yourself a good day.

CTB Show 326: The Infinite Jest of Crime Writing

The Show is joined by Baltimore Sun Pulitzer Prize-Nominated journalist Justin Fenton to discuss a recent explosion in Reisterstown, a very popular episode of Unsolved Mysteries featuring a murder in Baltimore he covered for Sun, and his upcoming book “We Own This City” (debuting February 23rd 2021, preorder now!), a full retelling of the notorious […]

CTB Show 325: Winning the 12th with Franca Muller Paz

The Show is joined by Green Party candidate for Baltimore City’s 12th District Franca Muller Paz! Baltimore’s need for change at a pivotal time in its history is at the forefront of her campaign, which is discussed at length. Also, summer camp and the 2020 election are discussed. Wow!

CTB Show 323: AtlasGate™ and COVID Dining with Leandro Lagera

The Podgang is joined by Leandro Lagera (Charm City Night Market, @foodnomad, Charm TV) to discuss all of the nutbag craziness happening in Baltimore’s restaurant scene (good AND bad) during COVID, plus Bryan goes back to school and Twoception™ gets delayed. It’s great!

CTB Show 322: Gold Fiats for Everyone

The Podgang writes a children’s book! Then Friends of The Show™ Bryan Preston and Violet Gray drop by to discuss their upcoming comedy series “Post Traumatic Laff-A-Matic” (trailer below!), the Fantasy genre opening up to diversity (it’s not just fucking Europe y’all) and Acura cakes. Then two mystery guests from Gotham City drop by to […]