CTB Show 232: The Masturbating Walrus

The show is joined by food author / chef of note / former Brooklynite Allison Robicelli! (@robicellis, www.robicellis.com) We discuss the recent (well, since 9/11) “food celebrity” boom and the death of Anthony Bourdain, mental illness, Mario Batali and the #metoo movement, and a big ol’ discussion about what makes Baltimore great.

CTB Show 229: Liz Blank is a Libertarian

The show is joined by comic book author Jordan Clark (@jrsosa18) to discuss his current project entitled Elk Mountain (support his Kickstarter!), What’s Your Minimum, Shatner in Baltimore, and much much much more. Enjoy!

CTB Show 228: His Name is Nutsy

The Podgang discusses the myriad of events going on in Baltimore on May 5th and follows up with taste testing the ever-increasingly-insane varieties of Oreo cookies. A bonus interview with George Solis of WJZ-TV after the break revolving around the ins and outs of local news coverage. After that, some rapid fire Baltimore headlines and Shut Ups.

CTB Show 227: Murder Nipples

An absolutely amazing show! Featuring comedian Bryan Preston of the Laughfinder Podcast AND George Solis from WJZ TV AND Nate Dawgg! Penile transplants, life advice, Infinity War, and the show 227 dot the landscape of topics on this easy breezy beautiful CTB Show.