CTB Show 207: Waiting for Bryan

The show is joined by Bryan Preston (Laughfinder Podcast, standup comic) and Baltimore Lauren (Bleeding Cool, Lady Pinball) for a wild time to talk about comic books, pinball, TV shows, and — sexual harassment! Woooooooo!

CTB Show 206: City: The Baltimore

Ten million things covered on this episode of the CTB show! Racist Facebook neighborhood people, Kevin Spacey, Wow, the death of City Paper, and a bevvy of other topics entering the zeitgeist.

CTB Show 205: Leukemia!

Friend of the show John Reusing drops by to chat about Halloween in Baltimore, Tiny Houses and most importantly, Block Chain technology and cryptocurrency and WHAT IS IT?!?

CTB Show 202: Cheese Pain

The podgang discusses the impending end of the world, eats very spicy cheese, and generally tries to deal with the world as it presents itself right now.