CTB Show 296: Tea Pad Baltimore!

The Show is joined by Jacquie Cohen Roth of Tea Pad (teapad.co) and CannaBizMD (cannabizmd.com)! All things Cannabis are discussed including the complicated relationship society has had with it in the past, how Cannabis is shaping our current economy, and much much more! Also Disney Plus and a restaurant related social media meltdown. Head(shop)y stuff!

CTB Show 295: Gwar Babies!

The Show is joined by Good Friend Sam Sessa from WTMD to discuss his various goings ons at the station including the upcoming Beatles Family Festival with Yellow Dubmarine – for kids!! Several taste tests of beer and chicken products occur and the Podgang discusses the various Boomer Backlash happening in the world right now. […]

CTB Show 294: BROS: Space Kumite!

The Show is joined by members of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society to chat about their new production – Space Kumite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/space-kumite-tickets-73872082387)! There’s a slew of other Hot Meme Chat related to Baltimore and some stuff too. Check out BROS at their home base baltimorerockopera.org to support their mission!