CTB Show 319: Worst Week Ever!

The Podgang convenes to discuss well, the worst week ever. Then, they emotionally and tonally pivot to a previously recorded interview with Sam Sessa of WTMD (wtmd.org) to discuss their upcoming Virtual First Thursday Concert, which at this point, we could all probably use. Outdoor dining is discussed and then the Zoom meeting shits the […]

CTB Show 318: Thread and Would You Rather

The entire Podgang discusses a very special Would You Rather™, a guy jumps into the Inner Harbor (there’s Alligators in there!), and genetic superchickens are discussed. Wow! Additionally Evan The Mayor interviews Brandon and Devin from Thread (https://www.thread.org/), a nonprofit volunteer organization that supports Baltimore youth and you should volunteer with them! Thanks for listening […]

CTB Show 316: Local Journalism Matters with Luke Broodwooter

Baltimore Sun reporter and Friend of the Show™ Luke Broadwater (aka Luke Broodwooter) drops in to brag a little about the Sun receiving a Pulitzer Award for Local Journalism™, just what on Earth is going to happen during the city’s upcoming election cycle, and the Sun’s fight to become a nonprofit organization (https://www.saveourbaltimoresun.com/). Plus some […]