CTB Show 299: Louis CK: Chat Roulette Spokesperson

Bryan and Evan get together for a tight hour leading up to the Very Special Episode #300 live show at Reverb! Topics include Bryan’s take on Louis CK’s appearances in Baltimore, Hot Watchmen Chat, Sheila Dixon running for the mayoral sport in Baltimore for 2020 and more. COME SEE US ON FRIDAY FOR OUR LIVE […]

CTB Show 298: Lost Restaurants of Baltimore

Guest host John Houser III (The Rouxde Cooking School) joins the show alongside Kit Waskom Pollard (Baltimore Fishbowl, Baltimore Sun) and Suzanne Loudermilk (also Baltimore Sun) to discuss their brand spanking new book “Lost Restaurants of Baltimore” (buy it here! makes a great gift!) at or around the 40 minute mark for a very, very, […]

CTB Show 296: Tea Pad Baltimore!

The Show is joined by Jacquie Cohen Roth of Tea Pad (teapad.co) and CannaBizMD (cannabizmd.com)! All things Cannabis are discussed including the complicated relationship society has had with it in the past, how Cannabis is shaping our current economy, and much much more! Also Disney Plus and a restaurant related social media meltdown. Head(shop)y stuff!