CTB Show 256: The Capris of Sleeves

The Podgang is joined by Allison and Matt Robicelli for some fast and loose chat about cults, science, diseases, holiday snacks, holiday specials, cheese cat, pizza pigeon, and more more MORE!

CTB Show 255: Meat Promises

The Show is joined by Nate Dawgg for a semi annual reading from “Every Which Way,” conversations about 2019, the mayor’s poetry and more!

CTB Show 254: Steven Leyva

The Podgang is joined by U of B professor Steven Leyva! Some unfortunate events at the Hippodrome are discussed followed by a slew of HOT BATMAN CHAT, Stan Lee’s passing, and why the hell is there a live action Pokemon movie all of a sudden?

CTB Show 252: Balti Virtual!

The Podgang is joined by Will Gee from Baltimore’s own Balti Virtual! Augmented and virtual reality are discussed and all sorts of cool products are demo’d – check out their products on Amazon! (bit.ly/citythatbreeds). Then on the second half the upcoming election is discussed, some horror movie stuff and more stuff! Stuff.

CTB Show 251: Kevin Shird

Author and activist Kevin Shird joins the show to discuss his book “The Colored Waiting Room: Empowering the Original and the New Civil Rights Movements; Conversations Between an MLK Jr. Confidant and a Modern-Day Activist” and the current state of race relations in today’s America. That’s basically it!