CTB Show 260: Chicken Pot Crunch Stout?

First episode of 2019! The Podgang raps about Star Trek, Thank You For Being a Crab, Baltimore news and some more fast and loose topics! Enjoy. Subscribe. Like. Share. Do it for you, do it for us.

CTB Show 259: Probably not Bryan

2018 is over and the Podgang gets all retrospective! Chapter 4 of the Plain Potatoes Saga is discussed, holiday doin’s and transpirin’s, what might be in store for 2019 and more!

CTB Show 258: Technology Understander

A recently acquired stack of Playboys from 1988 by Evan The Mayor sparks a lengthy conversation about the state of things today and how very little has changed since then – with hilarious results! Then things crawl along into some holiday blues discussion, a new chapter in the plainpotatoes saga, and more!

CTB Show 257

The Podgang talks about nothing at all in particular and you’re going to like it IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU!

CTB Show 256: The Capris of Sleeves

The Podgang is joined by Allison and Matt Robicelli for some fast and loose chat about cults, science, diseases, holiday snacks, holiday specials, cheese cat, pizza pigeon, and more more MORE!

CTB Show 255: Meat Promises

The Show is joined by Nate Dawgg for a semi annual reading from “Every Which Way,” conversations about 2019, the mayor’s poetry and more!