CTB Show 360: A Save Point for Marriage

Bryan has a Birthday Blunder! John Oliver calls out Mike from Baltimore! And thumb enthusiast governor Larry Hogan pays people to get vaccinated on the first half of the show. Then, ancient rocks invade Baltimore! And the tragic loss of the Bill and Melinda Gates marriage, a relationship poets will mourn the passing of for […]

Ziggy Gets it Wrong: Who Put That Black Mamba Snake in the Kitchen?!

Oh Boy! It’s a new Ziggy Gets it Wrong! On this episode two SCINTILLATING AND OR SPOOKY episodes are covered. See below! Free to watch episodes of Quantum Leap can be found on nbc.com. Wow! Boogie Man: October 31, 1964 Season 3, Episode 5 Sam leaps into a 2nd rate HP Lovecraft, hopefully without the […]

CTB Show 359: Scorpion’s Great Boyfriend

This week on the show! On the front end the Podgang discusses Baltimore’s census results as of the decade gone by (it’s bad), what happens when cities die, and “The Baltimore Plan.” During the pop culture roundup: Mortal Kombat, Captain America and the Winter SOldier, and a discussion of the life and times of Doug […]