CTB Show 273: The BROS Are Back In Town

Aran Keating and Lucia Treasure from the Baltimore Rock Opera Society join the show to discuss their latest production “Welcome to Shakesville” and also some pressing questions about stuck in time water. Also, the core Podgang discusses some recent hi tech hackery in Baltimore and one man’s shitty opinion of Baltimore Ceasefire.

CTB Show 272: Joe Giordano

Baltimore photographer and friend of the show Joe Giordano drops by to discuss his career capturing images, teaching, his podcast, and his upcoming exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Industry “Shuttered: Images from the Fall of Bethlehem Steel.” On the second half, the gang nerds out discussing some sort of film entitled “The Avengers: End […]

CTB Show Mini 002

Welcome to another CTB Mini! Rather than deprive your CTB Show earholes for yet another week while we get our shit together, settle in for a tight 45 with Evan and Bryan as they discuss movie trailers, botched travel plans, amazing upcoming guests on another podcast, and more!

CTB Show 271: Al Capino

The Podgang is joined by food writer Dara Bunjon (@daracooks) to discuss Passover meals, food trends, old school bar food and more on the second half! In the first half the gang rants about taxes (mostly Evan), What’s the Deal, Al Capino and the new Star Wars stuff. Enjoy!

CTB Show 270: My Baby on My Socks

The Podgang convenes post-wedding to fawn over Bryan the Levy’s nuptials for a while, and discusses the ongoing meltdown at Baltimore City Hall with mayor Catherine Pugh’s “Healthy Holly” scandal. Listen, like, and subscribe!

CTB Show 269: Bryan: HR Problem

The Show is joined by Maggie Ybarra aka @molotvflicker to discuss crime scene photography! That and whether certain historic figures belong in Heaven or if they got kicked out at some point. And cop houses. And other things! Listen/subscribe/enjoy. In that order.