CTB Show 338: Thanksgiving Edition

The Podgang toggles back and forth on all things Thanksgiving, including the very controversial talking point “What do you have to be thankful for this year?” The new season of Animaniacs is briefly reviewed and Trump is finally leaving office soon (?), so maybe there ARE things to be thankful for in 2020 (whoah, hot […]

CTB Show 337: Cloondawg Is Not Involved

Will the Podgang rent out the historic Senator theater to watch Con Air? Will you be invited? Probably not! Bryan does a power hour while the rest of the Podgang doesn’t and discusses other scintillating topics like how weight loss is not a competition, Larry Hogan’s Facebook page, ongoing COVID blues in Baltimore, what Jesus […]

CTB Show 336: Smudgie the Fail

The Podgang sobers up after a very celebratory election semi-conclusion and recaps recent COVID events in Baltimore, what on God’s Green Earth™ is going to happen after next January, Alex Trebek’s passing and more. Hey, check out our Youtube page! bit.ly/ctbtv And don’t forget about STASH, the debit card that gives you STOCK back for […]