Pizza Memories: The Magnificent Shrinking Little Caesar’s

With all this talk of pizza, the inevitable lengthy discussions will occur: how hard pizza rules, what pizza doesn’t rule so hard, how awful those Joe Flacco Pizza Hut commercials are – and it won’t take too long to come to the question “What the f**k happened to Little Caesar’s?” Years ago, Little Caesar’s was […]

Pizza: the new Tapas?

A few weeks ago we went over the fact that Grumpies Pour House (25 E. Cross St., Federal Hill) will be expanding into the adjacent/empty Federal Hill Lounge space in the next who-knows-when, and as it turns out, they’re probably planning on turning the whole operation into a pizza restaurant of some kind. For most […]

The Pizza Lobbyist

Jack Abramoff became a household name for bribing Congressmen in DC, now he’ll be a household name in Baltimore for his pizza! That’s a spicy meatball! Wait, that’s a spaghetti reference. Anyway, more recently you may have heard his name in connection with a movie featuring Kevin Spacey as the now pie chef himself. I […]

Mealtime! #16

What: Flag Pizza (large, 16″) Where: Joe Squared (133 W North Ave., Charles North) How Much: $23 (yikes!) Synopsis: Posting anything about Joe Squared is kind of an afterthought since practically everyone knows it’s a superior place to get a ‘gourmet’ pizza. And this pizza, split into three different pizzas (standard cheese, four cheese, pesto […]