Nachoquest: Phoenix Emporium

I’ll usually hit up Phoenix Emporium (8049 Main Street, Ellicott City) specifically for their wide selection of bottled beers (“From around the world!”) or maybe a club sandwich on a Sunday, but a few days ago felt that twitchy Nacho Nerve™ twitching again and decided to give the pubbery’s “Super Nachos” a whirl. Running at […]

Nachoquest: Riptide by the Bay

Riptide (1718 Thames St., Fells Point) is an establishment regarded mostly for their seafood, so while peering at the menu the other day I thought to myself “Hmm. Nachos. That isn’t seafood. I’ll order these and eat them with my mouth.” These particular nachos start at $8.95, and with chicken added ($3) can get pretty […]

It’s National Nachos Day!!!!

Happy Saturday to you Baltimore, according to the internet, today November the 6th is NATIONAL NACHOS DAY* (and also Sadie Hawkins Day, who gives a shit), a day specifically designed to garner your appreciation for the golden goodness, the meat and salsa slathered, the cheese drenched awesomeness that only a giant plate of nachos can […]

NachoQuest – Max’s Taphouse

Ever since NachoQuest began some three-ish months ago, people have been telling me over and over and over and over that I ABSOLUTELY NEED TO TRY THE PULLED PORK NACHOS AT MAX’S TAPHOUSE (737 S BROADWAY, FELL’S POINT) BRO, THEY’RE THE TITS BRAH, OMG OMG OMG. And for a while, I was pretty excited about […]

NachoQuest – Kooper’s Tavern

Things I learned while sampling the nachos at Kooper’s: 1) The addition of chili, in some cases, can actually elevate the quality of an entire plate of nachos. 2) My camera phone is horrifically shitty and I should seriously just bring my regular camera with me everywhere. At any rate, the nachos at Kooper’s Tavern […]

NachoQuest – Holy Frijoles!

It has been said by some that miracles exist in this world. Sometimes, lightning strikes twice in the same place, or two bullets fired from opposing guns collide, or a dog gets issued a credit card. This my friends, is one of those occasions. I have heard from others and personally experienced legendarily bad food […]