Nachoquest: Park Bench Pub

Nestled way back in there somewhere around Belt St. (1749 to be precise) next to Riverside Park lies the Park Bench Pub. Once known as Boomer’s, recently re-re-owned by former Magerk’s sushi chef Richard, it’s a neighborhood bar through and through with your good ol’ fashioned pub grub, brand new sushi menu (sure what the […]

Nachoquest: Owl Bar

Ahhhh the Owl Bar. It’s been around a while. Nestled within the not-really-a-hotel Belvedere Hotel, this mainstay bar has been through its ups and downs, good times and bad, all of which are completely irrelevant to talking about nachos. Fortunately, and relevant to nachos, the nachos at Owl Bar are pretty great. Piled high on […]

Nachoquest: Annabel Lee Tavern (Part 1?)

Nestled on the very, very northeastern edge of Canton (Realtors breath a sigh of relief) Annabel Lee Tavern (601 S Clinton St.) has always been a pretty good and vibrant place to hang out, one of those good old fashioned bar restaurants that isn’t trying to be “upscale casual” or “your source for craft beer” […]

Nachoquest: El Salto

A few dozen hours ago or so (this past Saturday) some friends and associates of mine collectively decided that we wanted to eat at a cheap Mexican restaurant that wasn’t like “Chevy’s Fancy” and certainly not “Blue Agave Overpriced” but rather “Cheap and Cheap,” and Brooklyn PARK (sorry Neal)’s El Salto (5513 Ritchie Highway) location […]