Nachoquest: Bartenders

Everybody knows Canton’s Bartenders (2218 Boston St.) has hellagood pizzas, a huge selection of Bourbon and friendly, zany staff – but they also have nachos. How’s that for an intro? Bartenders’ appetizer menu nachos, consisting of tortilla chips topped with black beans, cheddar, mozzarella, peppers, jalapenos, onions, salsa and sour cream ($7, with chicken pictured […]

Nachoquest: C&R Pub

HOWDY Y’ALL! ROOTIN’ TOOTIN’ RIP SNORTIN’ COWBOYS N’ REDNECKS IS A COUNTRY REDNECK BAR IN FEDERAL HILL AND THEY HAVE NACHOS!!! YEEHAW! RIDE ‘EM COWBOY! AND SO FORTH! Yeah so these nachos come with some sort of home made chips I think, a lot of cheese (hardly any naked chips, that’s good), roasted jalapenos, black […]

Nachoquest: Mick O’Shea’s

  Mick O’Shea’s is arguably (if not the) the best bar in upper downtown Baltimore, but hey, a bar’s quality often times isn’t exactly indicative of its menu or the subsequent quality. Even moreso with nachos. “You know, nachos, they’re an appetizer, just kinda a pile of stuff on a plate right?” WRONG.   Give […]

Nachoquest: Peter’s Pour House

Let it be known that Peter’s Pour House (111 Mercer St., Downtown) is one of my favorite spots in downtown Baltimore. Back “in the day” it was the spot for happy hour after work, mingling with pro-fessionals streaming out of the then Legg Mason building and stumbling around Water Street with some outdoor table gaming […]