Streetlight Manifesto at 9:30 Club next Sunday

Jersey Based punk-ska quintet Streetlight Manifesto is bringing its 3rd Wave goodness to 9:30 Club (815 V Street NW, Washington DC) next Sunday the 16th, tickets are 25 bux and it should be a pretty sweet show; as the group’s new album The Hands That Thieve has had its release date pushed back to next January (as […]

Top 4: Buttrock songs of all time (because 5 is one too many)

Ahhhhh Buttrock. Generic, uninspired aural diarrhea that has somehow actually managed to evolve – as far as primordial ooze can, in a way – into its own genre, its own way of life. And although the internet may provide varying opinions, as some consider Hair Metal or early 80’s Crotch Rock to be Butt Rock, […]