Review: Drive Angry

If you’re like me, you’ve seen the commercials on the telly for Drive Angry approximately 28 factorial times, and you probably think to yourself “yup, another shitty action movie starring shitty Nicholas Cage 4 Fast 12 Furious wannabe!” I definitely thought that, and quite fortunately I know better now; in fact, here’s a better way […]

Review: Paranormal Activity 2

Because “you demanded it,” the box office darling Paranormal Activity has spawned a new iteration, this time in the form of a pseudo-prequel-sequel that actually weaves the events of the first movie into itself in a fairly clever manner. But is it worth your $11 otherwise? Well, it depends. If you enjoyed the startling monster-jumping-out-of-the-closet […]

Review: Jackass 3D

Let’s make this review as simple as possible: If you like Jackass – if you ever liked Jackass – and even if you never saw a Jackass movie prior to Jackass 3D, you might want to give this one a whirl. If you never liked Jackass, and found it exceedingly distasteful, you still might want […]

Mondo Baltimore extended through the fall

This past summer, a phenomenon was born: Mondo Baltimore. A glorious festival of sitting amongst a crowd of people at Windup Space (12 W North Ave., Charles North) and watching awful, terrible movies every first Thursday throughout the summer was a wonderful thing, so wonderful in fact that Mondo Baltimore has been extended through the fall, and with any luck and lots of patronage will become a permanent fixture on the landscape of awesome in this city. So please won’t you, join the ghoulish Minions of Mondo next Thursday October 7th for their next feature, Trick or Treat starring Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons! Doors open at 6:30pm or something. More movies listed on the flier below!

(Mondo Baltimore also has a Facebook page)